SLR Professional Editing Services


We currently provide the following services:

General Formatting

The document is checked for consistency in layout and design, including:

  • font and font size
  • tabs, indents and line spacing
  • page numbering
  • headers and footers
  • numbering of illustrations, tables and figures

Proofreading & Copy-Editing

The document is checked for errors and consistency, including:

  • spelling, typos and grammar
  • basic fact checking

The document is polished and reviewed for style:

  • checking for and advising on consistency of writing style
  • checking for clarity of meaning and sense

E-Book Formatting

The document is formatted for electronic publishing in the following formats:

  • MOBI (Amazon Kindle)
  • EPUB (Kobo eReader, Apple iBooks, Google Books, B&N Nook, Amazon Kindle Fire, Sony Reader)
  • PDF