SLR Professional Editing Services


  1. Contact us at this email address or via Facebook.
  2. Provide your document (preferably in Word format, eg .doc, .docx), along with the following information:
    • Service required (i.e. general formatting, proofreading & copy-editing, e-book formatting)
    • Required due date
  3. You will receive an invoice within 1 working day, along with an estimated deadline date.
  4. If you are satisfied with the invoice, give the go-ahead so that work may commence. No work will be done without written confirmation.
  5. In some cases, a 20% deposit may be required (will be indicated on the invoice). Send proof of payment, along with the reference number as quoted on the invoice, to
  6. The service will be provided by the agreed upon deadline date.
  7. The document is returned with Track Changes on to indicate the changes made (in Word format).
  8. If any additions are made by the client, an updated invoice will be generated. Once approved, work commences again.
  9. When complete, an invoice will be provided detailing the total services rendered and the amount outstanding.
  10. Make final payment and send proof of payment, along with the reference number as provided on the invoice, to

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service within the agreed upon deadline dates.